What We Offer. Our team is flexible and adaptable. We possess experience over a broad range of counter-UAS tactics and technologies, and work with clients to assemble a package to meet the needs of the organization, venue or location. Our services include:

Custom-Built Consultation and Training.

Hiring someone to provide a service is one thing, learning to do it yourself is something else. When it comes to the ongoing vigilance required to counter the UAS threat, redUAS believes developing your own Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and then including them in your standard operating procedures is the best way to address the ongoing threat. Get in touch for an initial consultation, and let redUAS tell you how we can work with you--side by side--to develop a C-UAS strategy and program that fits your unique situation and environment. 

We can help select technology solutions, relying out our backgrounds in test and evaluation to choose vetted solutions that best suit your needs, but more importantly, we can help provide the foundation and training your organization will need to implement any C-UAS solution. And if you want real-world practice against threat-realistic drones? We can provide that too, thanks to our RAQ-1 red squadron, built to keep your team in top shape. 

C-UAS Services.

Have an event coming up? Prefer to contract with experts rather than train your own people? The redUAS team has proven experience detecting, identifying and engaging illegal UAS at public venues -- in many cases successfully handing off operator locations to local law enforcement. 

We can provide several tiers of service:

  • Airborne Observation employs licensed drone operators who provide airborne monitoring for an event or venue, utilizing proven drone systems with the latest camera technology for daytime or night operations, including a live video feed suitable for monitoring checkpoints or other designated areas at the venue.
  • Observation and Detection allows customers to monitor multiple locations simultaneously and adds the capability to employ counter-UAS technologies. Live actionable video is streamed to designated security and event personnel.
  • Enhanced Observation, Detection and Defeat services bring an experienced flight operations manager to coordinate all airborne assets within an integrated Command Operations Center (COC) environment. Operators use industry-leading drone-detection equipment paired with redUAS-proven Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to mitigate the potential for malicious attacks against soft targets.

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