Your counter unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) and counter drone experts.

​The malicious use of UAS and drones is real and growing.  With over a century of collective  experience, redUAS goes beyond technology to provide custom defense tactics and C-UAS training that prepare you today so you can defend tomorrow.

prepare today // defend tomorrow

prepare today // defend tomorrow

Drones are becoming easier and cheaper to acquire. 

While most users have no malicious intent, there are those who 

operate negligently, and others looking to cause harm.

Drone access is easier

The Department of Defense recently issued an urgent request to industry to rapidly develop counter-UAS technologies for all the military services, understanding this problem will only get worse. The DHS warning highlights this evolving threat.

The urgency is recognized



While many are focused on developing new and emerging 

C-UAS technologies to solve the drone threat, this alone won’t fix the problem. Technology is only as effective as the person who uses it.

Technology isn't enough

The terrorist threat from modified commercial drones, and DIY homemade drones is becoming more common. Criminals are also using drones in a myriad of ways not previously considered.

Danger comes in many forms

Tactics and training are a necessity

To effectively counter the threat posed by drones, you not only need to understand threat tactics, you need to develop and practice your C-UAS tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP).

Aggressor Drone Squadron Support

RAQ-1 Stingers

Technology Selection and Testing

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Development 

Our services are designed to walk you through the creation of your counter-UAS tactics in a series of logical steps. They include:


Recurring Tactics Training

Advanced C-UAS Training

Basic Awareness Training


redUAS is a joint venture between veteran and first responder-owned companies. Combined, we offer depth and breadth of experience in drone technology and unmanned systems that enhance the creation of our counter-UAS tactics, techniques, and procedures to defend against the emerging aggressive drone threat.

"For years, the Department of Homeland Security has worried about the dangers of unmanned aerial systems, and we have sought the legal authority to protect Americans against corrupted aerial devices. Today I have a pressing message for Congress: Time is running out." 

                                                                                - Kirstjen M. Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security


It’s the first step in preparing today to defend tomorrow.

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